The Author and "Dan Latus"

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Dan Latus is a writing pseudonym of Ian Bullock. Ian was born and grew up in North East England, in Redcar, on Teesside. Leaving school when he was still fifteen, he went to work for local industrial giant ICI. Then, via the company's day-release scheme and night school at Cleveland Technical College, he found a route to university a couple of years later.

The subject he chose to study was determined by his love of climbing, hill walking and the nearby North York Moors. He studied Geography at the University of Leeds, and subsequently at the Universities of Alberta, in Canada, and Newcastle upon Tyne.

After leaving the academic world, he embarked on a career in regional and strategic planning, initially in the civil service and subsequently in local government in N.E. England and in Calgary, Canada. Latterly, he spent much time working on EU funding programmes for the benefit of local authorities in both North East England and Central Europe.

He lives with his wife in the Northumberland village of Rothbury, where he has lived for many years, and where his four children did most of their growing up. He has long considered that home.

Why use a pseudonym? The reason is very simple. Ian Bullock writes different kinds of fiction, for different publishers, and the convention in publishing has long been that unless you're a celebrity you can't do that under the same authorial name. Readers would be unhappy to pick up a new book and find they were looking at a work of romantic fiction or children's literature instead of the thriller they believed they were buying, or borrowing from the library. The promotion and marketing departments of publishing companies would be unhappy, too.

"Latus" is the family name of Ian's mother. So: Dan Latus.