About the Books

Dan Latus's books are set in regions and countries he knows well and that mean a lot to him: North East England, Central Europe (particularly the Czech Republic and Slovakia), the Algarve in Portugal, and Western Canada. Never Look Back, Run for Home, And Then You're Dead are stand-alone thrillers that occupy the murky world of intrigue where spies, current and former, live and work.

The other books are part of an ongoing series featuring the private investigator and freelance security consultant Frank Doy. He lives in an isolated cottage on the Cleveland coast. Some of his cases are set locally, while others take him far from home. It's not an easy way to make a living, Frank admits, but it's one that suits him, and he's good at it.

All but one of the titles have been published by Robert Hale, which in 2016 became an imprint of The Crowood Press.

"Saving Harry" is published by Simonside Press.

The books are available for sale from Amazon.

Ebook versions of all titles are also available from Amazon.

Large-print editions of most of the titles have been published by F.A.Thorpe.

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